Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our Reward

It's hard to express what joy it is to be a father. Every time I see Cora, hold her, or look through the stack of digital photos, I feel such warmth of love for her. She has become our pride. She truly is our reward.

Grandma Flick, known as "Dobbie" by the grandkids (Mindy explained), came out to visit Cora tonight. Peanut was holding her head up and looking around, so we snapped away. She was also enthralled with the trees outside the window and the pink stripes on Grandma's sweater. The red/white checkered couch has become a mesmerizing standby.

While she is still slender, Coralynn is growing too long for many of her preemie outfits. Today, Mindy clothed her in a newborn outfit for the first time (she's in a preemie outfit in these photos). I never knew I would be excited about baby's clothes.

Over the past few days Cora has begun to rub mommy's back while she's being burped. She stretches her fingers out and, with little control that she has, pats Mindy's shoulder.

Coralynn smiles with a vivacious look in her eye, as if she's about to coo. It's all happening so quickly. She will be giggling before we know it!

I created a slideshow titled All Things Cora, which will be continually updated. This one will take you from 2 weeks before she was born to the most current photos of Cora. At this time there are over 200 photos in this set, so understand that it will take a few minutes. As always, you can speed up the show, pause it, or skip around. Enjoy!

-- Flick (aka Kevin)

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Anonymous said...

dobbie could scare the poor poor baby!!! ahhaha..the pics are great!! so natural!!!!!!! hahahah...of course little baby cora is beautiful!!!!!! love you all!!!!!!