Saturday, August 26, 2006

One Month Old

Cora had a very busy day on her one month birthday. We took for her one month check-up and are thrilled to say she's doing wonderful. She is 7lb. 8oz. now and 20 inches long. She is in the 14th percentile for weight (since she was so little at birth), 42nd percentile for length, and 51st percentile for head circumference. The nurses were all oohing and aahing over baby Cora. How fun! Cora's doctor is the same one who delivered her, our friend from church. We've included some pictures of Cora's appointment.

After our doctor's appointment, we went out for lunch together, just the 3 of us. Some friends of ours from church gave us a gift card to Bob Evan's after Cora was born, so we decided to use it. Cora slept through our lunch date as the waitresses oohed and aahed. It was so good to be out together.

Cora and I spent some time at the preschool where I work afterwards. Preschool starts in one week, but I don't go back until October. We are so thankful for the extra time together. I will be cutting down to part-time, only teaching the 3&4 year old class. This means I wil only be away from Cora on Tuesday and Thursdays. Kevin, due to his schedule, will be able to watch her while I'm at work. It will be so nice for him to have some Daddy/Cora time.

Our friend from church dropped off a yummy Japanese style meal for us that evening before we headed out to see Dobbie*** and Papa (Grandpa and Grandma Flick). Papa had to go to work so we spent some time with Dobbie. They got a new printer that Papa can use for his college classes and Dobbie can use for her quilting business. Kevin helped get it set up while Dobbie and I played with Cora and tried to distract her from being a bit fussy. She had another spell of fussiness. Poor thing! Dobbie found that the ceiling fan distracted her quite a bit. What a good trick to remember!

It was a busy day, but good. We love our little girl so much and can't believe she is a month old! Time goes so fast!


***The name Dobbie came from our niece Maddie who is now in second grade! When she started talking she just started calling Kevin's mom Dobbie and it stuck. No one knows where it came from. So they are Dobbie and Papa. We plan to have Cora call them that also, unless she comes up with her own special title.

More photos:

Friends visiting Cora:


Rache said...

my husband took those same photos, baby's documentary as he says, at the hospital when my baby went there for her 6-wk baby well check.. i didn't post all of the pics in my blog though...

Anonymous said...

the pics with her laid back legs open would be lovely no diaper, nice fresh, bald baby p---y to wank to