Saturday, August 19, 2006

No Cooking for Mommy!

There is something that I am so thankful for now that we have our new little bundle...not having to cook. Our church family has committed to providing meals for us for the first 4 weeks of Cora's life.Curious GirlsWhat an incredible blessing to not have to worry about planning meals, getting groceries, and cooking. I am very sure that we would be surviving on frozen pot pies and canned soup if it was up to me right now. Instead friends from church have been bringing very yummy meals every other day during the week for us. Curious GirlsWe have been eating chicken and noodles, spaghetti and meatballs, homemade pizza and so many more wonderful things. We are so thankful for this outpouring of love. These photos are friends from church who brought us a meal. They visited us while we were at Kevin's parent's cabin, when Aunt Lori was visiting. The girls were very excited to see Cora.

Today Cora, Grandma Flick, and I headed to Michigan City to the outlet mall. Cora slept all day in her stroller while Grandma and Mommy shopped. We found some really cute things for Cora. She is still in preemie size so we set her up with some really cute newborn size outfits. Carter's is becoming Mommy's favorite store. Their clothes are so cute and wear so well, or so we've heard. It was fun to have people oohing and ahhing over Cora and she slept through it all. She is pretty cute!


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