Monday, August 28, 2006

New Shapes and Colors

Sorry our blog was quiet for a few days. We maxed out on the number of monthly photos we could upload to Flickr on a free account, so we upgraded and now have 202 photos on Flickr.

The last week has been a blur. Cora has had a few fussy days, but those are to be expected. We can't believe it has already been 30 days since she was born and already we're noticing a few changes. Her head is growing and she's more aware of things around her.

Imagine seeing colors for the first time. How would you process all of them? How would you distinguish all of the feelings that your body makes? No wonder babies get overwhelmed! Right now she's gazing at the white plastic handle on her swing and chewing on her pacifier. She also loves the dangling toys, occasionally getting her hands on them.

Daddy is battling a cold so I'm not able to hold her... as difficult as it is I'd rather not have a sick baby. I'm going through withdraw! Mommy has been busy getting ready for PreSchool, taking Cora along.

I've also been busy working on a website called Puddlegum. In the late `90s I started Puddlegum, an online magazine, with some college friends. We covered music news, CD reviews, artist interviews, and wrote articles. We didn't take it serious, but Puddlegum grew in popularity. At its peak we attracted over 1,500 visits per day. So we decided to turn it into a record label and released several albums before running out of cash (walking away from it 8 years ago). Our graphic artist, Josh Smith, went on to become Relevant Magazine's senior art director, and has designed for Nike, Microsoft, Coke, NBC, etc.

While it has been something I have always wanted to revisit and explore, I feel that I'm supposed to redevelop Puddlegum. New ideas and curiousity of what it could become. It will tie into my recording studio and hopefully be a catalyst to a career as a music producer. Between recording artists and promoting them as a music journalist, the two will support each other. So I'm investing time in designing the Puddlegum website as a resource for music news.

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