Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mary's Bear

I wanted to mention real quick about the bear that is in one of the pictures with Coralynn and my mom. The day after she was born, Kevin's mom came to the hospital bearing gifts. In one bag I found a card that said, "A gift from Mary, your mom, in her honor, because she loves you 'still.'". I was already an emotional wreck from all of the hormones swirling around in my body, so I of course started to cry. Inside the gift bag was this beautiful teddy bear in a pink linen dress. Karen told me to look very carefully at the bear. I found a wooden tag around her neck that read, "From Mary with love." Also on one paw "Mary" is embroidered. (Mary is my mom's name, if you hadn't figured that out yet.) I couldn't believe it.

She found the bear at Hallmark that day. The funny thing is that she and I had been there together that week and those bears were not there. And she just happened to walk past our Hallmark store and see a really cute bear that she couldn't resist buying for Cora. It wasn't until after she got in the store that she saw the tag and name. I don't believe this was coincidence! That bear was there that day and Karen was meant to see it for a reason! Now Cora has a teddy bear from her Grandma Mary! Thank you Lord!!! What a special, special reminder of His provision for us!


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