Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Long Day

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Well yesterday was the hardest day of my life, thus far. Hopefully, the worst is done and over with! haha! The hospital where I delivered Cora sends a nurse to your home to check baby and mom a few days after you go home. My home visit was yesterday and it didn't go so well.

First, Cora's weight had dropped which is completely normal, but as a new mommy it worried me alot. Is breastfeeding working? Is she getting enough? All of the questions and worries flooded me. Then, we had noticed (and the nurse noticed right away) that Cora's complexion was pretty yellow. she decided to do a bilirubin test to check and see what her levels were. so that worried me. Again, something that alot of babies get but to a new mommy: very scary.

THEN the nurse noticed a bump on Cora's head that Kevin and I thought was a misshapen spot due to delivery so were not concerned with it. She said if it was from delivery it should have gone down and was concerned about it. This final straw completely freaked me out and I broke down. I had a visitor here too to see Cora and she was crying. :) HORMONES!!!!!!!!! The nurse had to prick Cora's foot and drip blood into a tiny tube, drip by drip and it took forever. Cora was screaming bloody murder and mommy was crying.

Cora comforting mommy
The nurse called our doctor to have him call back and make sure he was aware of the spot. Then she had to go and I had to wait for the doctor to call back. He called about 2 hours later and thankfully was aware of the spot and not concerned. He said it was normal from delivery and could take up to a month to go down. Basically tissues on her head separated and filled with fluid during delivery. It is something that happens alot. I was not aware of that.

Then we had to wait for the bilirubin test to come back. In the meantime my afternoon and evening were spent on a rollercoaster of hormones and tears. I can't belive how one moment I am laughing and loving on her and the next crying because I love her so much and she's going to grow up. By the way, the nurse said to expect at least two more weeks of this. Pray for Kevin! haha!

Checking up on Cora
Our doctor called in the afternoon and said that the lab couldn't find her blood sample so he was going to find out what had happened. Then at 9:30pm the on-call pediatrician called and said her bloodwork was back. The highest they want the levels to be is 15 and cora was 19. So he wanted her to come into the hospital to be put under the special lights overnight. This was it, I completely brokedown! We loaded her up and got her to the hospital and spent the next 2 1/2 hours listening to our brand new baby daughter scream bloody murder b/c she had to have her eyes covered and be in nothing but her diaper (which she hates). Talk about torture. i just sat and cried alongside her. Finally I took her out and said, "she's hungry, I'm feeding her!" I couldn't take it anymore. The rest of the night went better. We got her to eat and then swayed her to sleep and gently put her under the lights with her big purple protective eyewear on. It was a LONG night.

Catching some rays
They retested her blood this morning and she had dropped to 14.2. Praise the Lord!!!!! We had people praying and I know that's what did it. Our doctor said it is uncommon for the level to drop that quick, "It must have been prayer." They also weighed her and she gained 2 ounces back. Mommy is happy!!!!!! What a long night. I have been praying for time to not speed by and it didn't!

We are home now and really tired. Little Cora got lots of sleep so we'll see how this goes today! :)

- mindy


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