Thursday, August 03, 2006

How to set up your family blog...

Thanks for all of the emails about Cora and the blog. We've heard a lot of "we'd like to set up a family blog too." So I thought I'd explain how we set up ours.

First, you'll need a place to upload your photos, so set up a (free) account at You can upload your photos on Flickr and share them with your friends and family. Once you upload your photos then you can post your photos in your blog. (When you sign up, don't be confused about the Yahoo sign-in thing. Basically, Yahoo owns Flickr, so if you have a free Yahoo account then you can sign in to Flickr using your Yahoo account.)

Our Flickr site:

Then it's time to set up your blog. Here are some places to host your blog:

We have this site set up at Blogger. The above sites are free to host your blog.

To add photos to your posts, you can set Flickr up to blog your photos. Go to You->Your Account, then click on Your Blogs. Click on "Add a blog" and fill in the site address, username, and password for your blog. After you've added a blog in Flickr, when you click on a photo you can click "blog this" and it'll put a new post on your blog with that photo.

What's a blog? A blog stands for "web log". It's an online journal that you write for others to read.

Another way of adding photos in your blog is to click on the photo in Flickr, then click on "all sizes" to select the size of photo you want to post ("small" is the size we use). After selecting the size, below the photo will be the script to copy/paste into your blog post. After copying the script, go to your blog and paste it into a new post.

Hope this helps! Email me if you have questions:

- Kevin

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