Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Family Time and Family Lines

Mindy and I took Cora for a walk in her stroller. We had a fruit smoothie at a local coffee shop, enjoying the downtown as a family. Cora slept for most of the walk as the bumps in the sidewalk lulled her to sleep.

We also went to the library to check out some books, and Cora slept while daddy enjoyed the genealogy room to look for ancestors in the Blymyer line. Clara Ezzadine Blymyer would be Cora's great-great-grandmother (Cora -> Kevin Flick -> Gary Flick -> Wayne Flick -> Clara Blymyer). The Blymyer line has been stumping me for a while, stopping with Clara's grandfather, Joseph Blymyer, born in 1802.

After we came home we relaxed for the evening, playing scrabble and looking at the 8 rolls of film we took while at the hospital. We're deciding which photos to upload to Flickr so we don't inundate you with 300+ photos. :-) Cora enjoyed laying on the black/white activity mat and chewing on her pacifier.

Asleep with Pacifier

Stimulated Stimulated

Books we're enjoying: Last of The Mohicans, What To Expect The First Year, and Guess How Much I Love You.

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