Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Developing Rolls of Film

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Now for the blog...

Tonight we went for a quick stroll around the neighborhood, Cora staying awake for most of it. We spent the rest of the evening together, reading and chewing on fingers.

Cora is starting to reach out to grab things. When we lay her in her swing or under her activity mat, she will sometimes try to grab one of the dangling toys. It won't be long till she starts her scientific taste tests on everything she grab.

Our church does a wonderful job with new parents, providing a hot meal every 2 days for the first month. We've been enjoying the variety, and Cora has been too. If food preference is decided by the taste of the breast milk (which takes on the flavor of the food), then Cora will love mid-western cooking and much more.

We selected about 30 photos to add to our Flickr site, pushing our published collection to 120+ photos. :)

I also added photos to the Cora's First Day SlideShow. Click on the link to view.

Here's an article we found interesting called Baby Crying and Nurturing.

Thanks for your interest in our blog. Here are some photos we added:

Two Weeks Before the Birth Two Weeks Before the Birth
Taken in our backyard, 2 weeks before Cora arrived.

Minutes after her birth
Meeting mom for the first time.

Holding Grandpa's Finger
Cora's holding onto Grandpa Flick's finger, under the warming lamp.

Warming lamps and love
Minutes after her birth. She was already turning her head toward the sound of dad's voice.

Everything sounds normal.
Our doctor (and friend) did a wonderful job!

Meeting the men in her life
The men in Cora's life. Grandpa Danner holding her, with Grandpa Flick looking proud.

Her first night to spend time with daddy Kisses

First hair wash Fuzzy hair

Hard to believe... Proud pappa
Hard to believe...

Meeting the Cousins
Cora meeting her aunt Leah (Kevin's sister) and excited cousins.

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