Thursday, August 10, 2006


After Cora was born, Mommy and Daddy immediately noticed a problem with her name. People had a really hard time spelling it and saying it correctly. Kevin and I never even thought about it. We had seen that spelling, Coraline, somewhere and loved it, assuming it was pronounced Cora-lynn. She has been Cora-line with a long i sound since she was born. So we decided we needed to have the spelling changed to make it easier for people and for Cora. It's no fun to always have to correct people when they say your name wrong. This morning we headed to the Health Department and had the spelling changed and got her birth certificate. The new spelling is:
Coralynn Marie Flick

Sorry for the confusion! We actually like the new spelling much better. How silly we were!

Bathing in the Kitchen Sink

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