Monday, August 14, 2006

Colors and Patterns

Mom took a series of 10 photos of Cora trying to wake up, laying on her changing pad. Click here for the slideshow
Let Me Sleep!Let Me Sleep!Let Me Sleep!Let Me Sleep!
Let Me Sleep!Let Me Sleep!Let Me Sleep!Let Me Sleep!

Cora's eyesight seems to be improving. She is less and less cross-eyed when looking around and locks in right away on objects. I noticed this on Sunday morning when I came home from work. She looked at me right away and started smiling.

She lays on her activity mat for an hour, fascinated with the black/white/red images and patterns. The padding in her Moses Basket is checkered light green and white and it now takes her a while to fall asleep because she looks and stares at the pattern. Over time she'll begin to see more colors and her focus will become less peripheral.

The pacifier does the job wonderfully when she's awake, though going to sleep with it in her mouth has proven to be a problem. Moments after it slips out of her mouth she wakes up and lets us know.
Asleep in her Moses Basket with her pacifier

Congrats to the Justice Family. We inspired them to start a blog, called: The Justice Journal

Mindy went to college with mom and dad Justice... 10 years ago. Wow, has it been that long already?!?

- Kevin

Music we're enjoying:
Dad is listening to Matt Pond PA - Several Arrows Later
Mom is listening to Mates of State - Bring It Back
Cora is enjoying The Innocence Mission - Now The Day Is Over

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