Friday, August 04, 2006

Back to work.

Tonight is my (Kevin) first night back to work. It's very difficult to be gone during the night hours, but we'll adjust. Grandma Flick is staying over to help. I'll have my photos of Cora to look at when I'm anxious to pick her up.

Thinking of you.

Mindy took Cora on a walk in her stroller. It's amazing how babies draw softness out of people. People who would normally avoid eye-contact, go out of their way to be friendly when you're walking with a baby. Babies truly are bridges that bring people together.

She's so little!

We had our first doctor's appointment today. Cora, though she is still a little jaundice in her face, is healthy. She gained weight and grew... 6lb 7oz and 20.5inches, which means she grew 1.5 inches since her birth, and put on 2oz in 2 days. She goes through spurts of constantly being hungry. Our little peanut is growing!

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