Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Our Reward

It's hard to express what joy it is to be a father. Every time I see Cora, hold her, or look through the stack of digital photos, I feel such warmth of love for her. She has become our pride. She truly is our reward.

Grandma Flick, known as "Dobbie" by the grandkids (Mindy explained), came out to visit Cora tonight. Peanut was holding her head up and looking around, so we snapped away. She was also enthralled with the trees outside the window and the pink stripes on Grandma's sweater. The red/white checkered couch has become a mesmerizing standby.

While she is still slender, Coralynn is growing too long for many of her preemie outfits. Today, Mindy clothed her in a newborn outfit for the first time (she's in a preemie outfit in these photos). I never knew I would be excited about baby's clothes.

Over the past few days Cora has begun to rub mommy's back while she's being burped. She stretches her fingers out and, with little control that she has, pats Mindy's shoulder.

Coralynn smiles with a vivacious look in her eye, as if she's about to coo. It's all happening so quickly. She will be giggling before we know it!

I created a slideshow titled All Things Cora, which will be continually updated. This one will take you from 2 weeks before she was born to the most current photos of Cora. At this time there are over 200 photos in this set, so understand that it will take a few minutes. As always, you can speed up the show, pause it, or skip around. Enjoy!

-- Flick (aka Kevin)

Monday, August 28, 2006

New Shapes and Colors

Sorry our blog was quiet for a few days. We maxed out on the number of monthly photos we could upload to Flickr on a free account, so we upgraded and now have 202 photos on Flickr.

The last week has been a blur. Cora has had a few fussy days, but those are to be expected. We can't believe it has already been 30 days since she was born and already we're noticing a few changes. Her head is growing and she's more aware of things around her.

Imagine seeing colors for the first time. How would you process all of them? How would you distinguish all of the feelings that your body makes? No wonder babies get overwhelmed! Right now she's gazing at the white plastic handle on her swing and chewing on her pacifier. She also loves the dangling toys, occasionally getting her hands on them.

Daddy is battling a cold so I'm not able to hold her... as difficult as it is I'd rather not have a sick baby. I'm going through withdraw! Mommy has been busy getting ready for PreSchool, taking Cora along.

I've also been busy working on a website called Puddlegum. In the late `90s I started Puddlegum, an online magazine, with some college friends. We covered music news, CD reviews, artist interviews, and wrote articles. We didn't take it serious, but Puddlegum grew in popularity. At its peak we attracted over 1,500 visits per day. So we decided to turn it into a record label and released several albums before running out of cash (walking away from it 8 years ago). Our graphic artist, Josh Smith, went on to become Relevant Magazine's senior art director, and has designed for Nike, Microsoft, Coke, NBC, etc.

While it has been something I have always wanted to revisit and explore, I feel that I'm supposed to redevelop Puddlegum. New ideas and curiousity of what it could become. It will tie into my recording studio and hopefully be a catalyst to a career as a music producer. Between recording artists and promoting them as a music journalist, the two will support each other. So I'm investing time in designing the Puddlegum website as a resource for music news.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

One Month Old

Cora had a very busy day on her one month birthday. We took for her one month check-up and are thrilled to say she's doing wonderful. She is 7lb. 8oz. now and 20 inches long. She is in the 14th percentile for weight (since she was so little at birth), 42nd percentile for length, and 51st percentile for head circumference. The nurses were all oohing and aahing over baby Cora. How fun! Cora's doctor is the same one who delivered her, our friend from church. We've included some pictures of Cora's appointment.

After our doctor's appointment, we went out for lunch together, just the 3 of us. Some friends of ours from church gave us a gift card to Bob Evan's after Cora was born, so we decided to use it. Cora slept through our lunch date as the waitresses oohed and aahed. It was so good to be out together.

Cora and I spent some time at the preschool where I work afterwards. Preschool starts in one week, but I don't go back until October. We are so thankful for the extra time together. I will be cutting down to part-time, only teaching the 3&4 year old class. This means I wil only be away from Cora on Tuesday and Thursdays. Kevin, due to his schedule, will be able to watch her while I'm at work. It will be so nice for him to have some Daddy/Cora time.

Our friend from church dropped off a yummy Japanese style meal for us that evening before we headed out to see Dobbie*** and Papa (Grandpa and Grandma Flick). Papa had to go to work so we spent some time with Dobbie. They got a new printer that Papa can use for his college classes and Dobbie can use for her quilting business. Kevin helped get it set up while Dobbie and I played with Cora and tried to distract her from being a bit fussy. She had another spell of fussiness. Poor thing! Dobbie found that the ceiling fan distracted her quite a bit. What a good trick to remember!

It was a busy day, but good. We love our little girl so much and can't believe she is a month old! Time goes so fast!


***The name Dobbie came from our niece Maddie who is now in second grade! When she started talking she just started calling Kevin's mom Dobbie and it stuck. No one knows where it came from. So they are Dobbie and Papa. We plan to have Cora call them that also, unless she comes up with her own special title.

More photos:

Friends visiting Cora:

Thursday, August 24, 2006

We're Back!

Sorry we haven't posted lately. We had a very busy week and have been dealing with a fussy Cora. We're not sure if it's Colic or not. Monday was miserable as she cried all day long and was inconsolable. I called the doctor that evening because I was worried about her. He was concerned that maybe she wasn't getting enough food. So we took her into the office the next morning to have her weighed. She's doing great. The last time we had her weighed was 3 weeks ago and she was 6 lb. 7 oz. On Tuesday she was 7 lb. 6 oz. Newborns should gain 2/3 oz. per day according to our doctor. That means Cora is right on track with a few extra ounces even. That made me very relieved. He thought maybe she was having a growth spurt and wasn't getting any extra. She did great on Wednesday and was fine today except for a few fussy hours this evening. So we'll see. Her one month doctor's appointment is tomorrow! She'll be one month old!!!!!!! I can't believe it. In Mommy's Dress

Today I put the outfit that she came home from the hospital in on her. She's too long for it. Her legs couldn't straighten out in it. How sad!!! She's outgrowing the preemie size but too small for the newborn size. What to do?

On Sunday I put a very special outfit on Cora for church. It was a dress that I wore when I was just a peanut like her. She looked so cute! How fun it will be to someday give it to her for her little girl to wear! Here are some pics of Cora in the outfit.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

No Cooking for Mommy!

There is something that I am so thankful for now that we have our new little bundle...not having to cook. Our church family has committed to providing meals for us for the first 4 weeks of Cora's life.Curious GirlsWhat an incredible blessing to not have to worry about planning meals, getting groceries, and cooking. I am very sure that we would be surviving on frozen pot pies and canned soup if it was up to me right now. Instead friends from church have been bringing very yummy meals every other day during the week for us. Curious GirlsWe have been eating chicken and noodles, spaghetti and meatballs, homemade pizza and so many more wonderful things. We are so thankful for this outpouring of love. These photos are friends from church who brought us a meal. They visited us while we were at Kevin's parent's cabin, when Aunt Lori was visiting. The girls were very excited to see Cora.

Today Cora, Grandma Flick, and I headed to Michigan City to the outlet mall. Cora slept all day in her stroller while Grandma and Mommy shopped. We found some really cute things for Cora. She is still in preemie size so we set her up with some really cute newborn size outfits. Carter's is becoming Mommy's favorite store. Their clothes are so cute and wear so well, or so we've heard. It was fun to have people oohing and ahhing over Cora and she slept through it all. She is pretty cute!


Friday, August 18, 2006

Holding Her Head Up

First trip to the coffee shop
Today, Cora took her first trip to the coffee shop with mom and Shannon. Cora took a nap... and hasn't quite figured out that sleep is an insult to caffeine. She'll learn someday.

First trip to the coffee shop First trip to the coffee shop

We noticed that Cora is able to see further, looking across the room. She's also beginning to hold her head up by herself! She's so alert and wants to look around:
Holding her head up! Holding her head up!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

We love our Tweety

TweetyBusy day. Mom hung out with another mother, while dad recorded a local artist in the recording studio. Not long after this, dad practiced with the worship team for Sunday morning. Mom called dad with a plea to come home, with a screaming baby in the background.

Cora had a difficult time falling asleep tonight. She has been great about being on a schedule, but tonight was different.TweetyWe went down the list of possible things, and decided that she had gas pains. So we rocked her for several hours. Part of it was that she may have felt insecure and needed to be held. It's compelling to think that her security for much of her life will depend on her relationship with mom and dad.

While we were trying to calm her, our cat, Arthur, slipped outside. Maybe he wanted to escape to solitude where there were no screaming infants. He probably just wanted to explore... since he has searched every square inch of this house and loves birds (not babies dressed up as birds). I found him asleep in the backyard.

One more thing about our cat: he loves stuffed animals (and green olives, but that's for another post). Mindy's collection of Boyd's Bears has had to be placed behind our antique glass bookcase, otherwise we find them strewn all over the house. To satisfy him, we've given him a teddy bear that he carries around. Tonight, I found him with not only his bear laying at my feet, but one of Cora's bears. He got upset when I took it away from him, and proceeded to nab another stuffed animal, sitting down with it at the end of our bed. This repeated one more time before he gave up and left his bear laying by my feet.

Maybe he just needs to be held? He's just a cat!!!

- Kevin

Mom took these photos of Cora on Tuesday. Grandma Flick loves Tweety, and we find her adorable too:
Tweety Tweety Tweety Tweety